Biomedical Illustration and Design
Instructional Presentation: BioMEMS & Soft Lithography These illustrations were created for an introductory presentation on BioMEMS for high school juniors and seniors interested in STEM careers. I worked with other biomedical art students to create this project for a Case Western Reserve University faculty member and head of the BioMEMS lab. After taking a course on the subject matter, we planned out the presentation and began blocking out each slide and the information we wanted to provide. We divided each section amongst ourselves to create the illustrations and graphics needed to help convey the complex subject matter. Below are the main illustrations we provided detailing the process of Photolithograpy and Soft Lithography. The students were to complete a hands-on lab where they would create PDMS stamps. These stamps are circular pieces of silicone that are patterned against a master to form a releif pattern to be used in Soft Lithography. We also created illustrations detailing the process to make the master (a thing wafer) created via Photolithography.

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